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About Us

The Barbados Red Cross National Society was incorporated by an Act of Parliament – (The Barbados Red Cross Society ACT 1969/35) as a Voluntary Aid Society on 24th July 1969 and is governed by this Charter. The activities of the Barbados Red Cross Society are overseen by an 8 member Governing Board, under the leadership of the President.


The day to day functions of the National Society are overseen by the Director General with staff members who each fulfill specific roles in the administration of the Society’s work. As a non-profit organization however, the majority of the services provided are done through the organization’s membership base and co-ordinates by the relevant Heads/Directors of programmes..

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading voluntary aid organization which acts as an auxiliary to Government and service the needs of vulnerable people and communities 

What We Do

Over the years, the Red Cross has consistently proven its ability to help others without discrimination by mobilizing the power of humanity. The core competencies which the Barbados Red Cross contributes to the global IFRC network include:

                         * First Aid

                         * Emergency Response

                         * Disaster Management

                         * Tracing & Messaging Services

                         * Independent Living

                         * Health

                         * Volunteer Management

                         * Youth

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