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Governance & Adminstration

Governing Board Members

The activities of the Barbados Red Cross Society are overseen by an Eight (8) Member Governing Board, under the Leadership of the President.

Fabianna Alexander

Taitu Heron
Vice -President


Malinda Peter

Danielle Everson
Board Member

Dr. Rochelle Hunte-Yearwood
Board Member

Anderson Langdon
Board Member

Francois Carvalho
Youth Representative & Board Member

Ex-officio Member(s)

Stacia Austin
Board Member

Danielle Toppin
Director General

Administrative Staff

The day to day functions of the National Society are overseen by the Director General. There is a small number of  staff who each fulfill specific roles in the administration of the Society's work.

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Monica Clayton
Office Assistant

Danielle Toppin
Director General

Ave Lewis
Meals on Wheels Cook

Melanie Cameron

Office Assistant

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Angela Ellis

Meals on Wheels Assistant

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Ralph Nicholls

Messinger Driver

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Departmental Officers

Majority of the services provided are done through the organization’s membership base and co-ordinates by the relevant Officers/Directors of Departments/Programmes.


Volunteers' Officer / Coordinator

Dr. Rochelle Hunte

First Aid & Ambulance Officer / Coordinator

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Wayne Payne

Training Officer

David Grifftih

Disaster Officer

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Tremaine Rouse

Youth Officer/Director

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Meals on Wheels Officer

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