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The Barbados Red Cross Society (BRCS) Youth consist of two levels of engagement, the Youth Commission ages 16 to 35 and the Youth Links ages 9 to 16 which are present in ten secondary school  and in one primary school. More than two hundred young people benefit from Red Cross training programmes, and BRCS provides a means to create a movement of constructive, civi-minded youth, who are keen to help make their communities and schools safer environments. The Red Cross Youth Links programme continues to generate much interest and excitement among school children.

Youth are exposed to wide-range of thematic areas ranging from health (including HIV/AIDS awareness, hygiene promotion and First Aid) to disaster management and violence prevention. This level of exposure provides informal guidance to support career choices and to promote socially responsible behaviors. As such, members continues to graduate from the Youth Links programmes into the general membership of the Barbados Red Cross Society. To date, the focus of the Youth Department has covered keys areas including: 

     * Dedicated space and resources for youth-related activities of         the Links and Commission

     * Advocacy for involvement of youth at various levels of                     governance, management and daily operations.

     * Participate in outreach activities, support to disaster                         response, and talking a lead role in annual National                         Independence events including the national parades.

     * Design, planning and implementation of specific youth                   programmes and fund-raising initiatives.


As such the integration of youth into core activities of the National Society has commenced at various levels within the Youth Commission, First Aid and Disaster Service Departments. The interest of the youth are also represented on the Governing Board by a Youth Representative.



Youth Links Sign up at: 

Ellerslie School

Combermere School

Lester Vaughan School

Foundation School

Deighton Griffith School

Springer Memorial School

Graydon Sealy School

Fredrick Smith School

St. George Secondary School

Youth Commission at: 

Red Cross National Society

Warrens, St. Michael



Youth Commission meets every: 

2nd Saturday& Last Sunday of each month.

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