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Sunday was a cause for double celebration for the Barbados Red Cross Society (BRCS) and the Calvary Moravian Church. The former is anticipating its World Red Cross Day on May 8th and the latter is about to celebrate its 182nd anniversary so the two joined for a church service at Calvary Moravian Church.

The BRCS’s Youth Officer, Peterson Yearwood, expressed his delight in being joined with the Church for such a celebration. However, getting straight to business, Yearwood disclosed that the organisation has over one billion volunteers worldwide and gives out more two million dollars’ worth of donations each year. Noting that each person has a role to play in creating a society that is compassionate and caring, Yearwood implored the congregation to join them as they are never too young or old to start.

Added to that, Reverend Adrian Smith of the host church outlined that the two institutions have something in common. Making a point of challenge of the theme “Everywhere for Everyone”, Rev. Smith explained that both institutions sought to help people; leaving the world to be a better place because they are here.

To this end, Smith emphasized that they must continually seek to be obedient to the will of God because God knows best and He is the One who should direct and lead. Given this, the Reverend equipped all in the congregation with three simple truths that they should acknowledge if they want to fulfill their mandate in being everywhere for everyone.

The first of these is that they must respond to the cries for help of the people. Rev. Smith went on to say that there are people who are crying today even if they are misunderstood and often times the church and other organisations are insensitive to those needs. In addition, he told them that they ought to reach out to people. Simply put, Rev. Smith told the congregation that if they want to be there for people, they have to meet them where they are. He expounded that it is useless to sit in the house or any establishment and wait for people to come seeking help but instead; they should go where the people are, whether in the streets or on the internet, to adequately meet their needs.

Lastly, the Reverend asked that they recognise and affirm what God is doing. To this point, Rev. Smith reminded all that every person counts and by empowering people, more can be achieved. He further stated that it was their responsibility to be a voice of hope and reason of peace to all they come into contact with, always showing God’s purpose.

Representatives from the Barbados Defence Force and Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds were present for the service in anticipation of the World Red Cross Day.

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